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Shop down the fells

Shop down the fells

We are an Arctic contemporary fashion and lifestyle multi-brand shop with sustainable and wild-cultured values. Alava is located down the fells of Ylläs and surrounding peaks of Äkäslompolo village in Finnish Lapland. We carry carefully selected Finnish and Lappish brands, that bring luxury to wearers everyday life.

As in Äkäslompolo we are living within the natures cycle, environmental values have merged into our everyday being and choices at Alava. In addition to respecting nature, in objects and products we highly value aesthetics, function, quality and sustainability.

We want to offer our customers a whole-hearted experience, a chance to explore and fall in love with our products. We have selected beautiful objects that communicate a story.

Classics and certain brands are our base for the selection, but new treasures are updated constantly as seasonal favourites or brand new surprises. From Alava you can find treats for yourself, special presents or simply something you needed for everyday life. A piece of clothing or object that will make new memories time after time being worn or used.


The core of Alavas brand line is on Finland based-companies’ products. To crown top we have selected some treasures from outside of our homeland, that we find necessary for Alava, perhaps something we Finns haven’t come up with. We carry products that cannot be found elsewhere in Ylläs area.

Here are some of the brands in Alava, but more treasures and treats in the shop.


We are located in the heart of Äkäslompolo village in Jouni Shopping mall,
down the fells.

Tunturintie 16
95970 Äkäslompolo

Opening Hours

Tue-Fri 11-17
Sat 11-15
Sun-Mon Closed


Jenni Alava
+358 40 709 0492